How To

Please feel free to download and use any of the the resources provided to carry out your own biological tests, physical-chemical analysis and habitat assessments at home or in the field.

Below are the methods and data sheets required for carrying out biological tests. If you would like to purchase one of the 'Waterwatch Macroinvertebrates' identification charts please check out the 'shop' page or feel free to contact us directly. Furthermore click the link (below) in order to download the 'Freshwater Macroinvertebrate App' that can be used on any tablet.

Biological Testing Methods          Biological Testing Data Sheets          Freshwater Macroinvertebrate App

Below are the methods, water quality guidelines and data sheets required to conduct physical-chemical analysis.

Physical-chemical Analysis Methods          Water Quality Guidelines          Physical-chemical Analysis Data Sheets

Below are the methods and data sheets used to carry out habit assessments.

Habitat Assessment Methods          Habitat Assessment Data Sheets