Gold Coast Waterwatch

Gold Coast Waterwatch is a community service initiated and supported by the City of Gold Coast (CoGC) that engages with early learning centres, primary schools, high schools, community groups and community events to educate participants on the importance of healthy waterways and catchments. It is part of Waterwatch Australia, a nation-wide program that was launched over twenty years ago in 1993. The program was introduced with the aim of increasing the community's awareness of water quality and catchment health issues for their local and regional waterways through active participation in water quality monitoring. 

Gold Coast Catchment Association

Are you interested in the care and protection of Gold Coast's waterways and natural areas? Connect with the Gold Coast Catchment Association (GCCA) to discover the many ways you can get involved in your neighbourhood, explore the Gold Coast's natural hidden wonders and tap into a wealth of knowledge about the local environment. This association is an umbrella organisation for individuals and community groups who take care and strive to protect Gold Coast's waterways and natural areas. Click on the GCCA logo to find out how to get involved.



As well as working to improve awareness and education, Gold Coast Waterwatch also assists in collecting data on the health of local waterways. This is conducted through investigating biological indicators, physical-chemical testing and habitat assessments of waterways in local catchment areas. The areas tested include rivers, creeks, streams, ponds, dams and other waterways, with the collected data being recorded and monitored. This process provides a sense of community contribution to monitoring and public ownership of the information collected. This way the community is becoming directly involved in future management of their Gold Coast catchments.